‘Tis the Season of Giving!


- We always love hosting your events!

As Halloween candy begins to diminish and we roll into winter, we start to see a lot of nonprofit events pop up in accordance with the holidays. At Chuck’s Waterfront Grill and The Endless Summer, we try to support nonprofit causes as much as possible, and we often find organizations coming to us asking for ideas and advice on how we can help make their fundraiser the highlight of the season. Short of hosting an event with us through which we can settle on a percentage of the proceeds being donated to your cause – much as we did last month with the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara – there are many other options to pursue in your giving efforts.

We’ve put together a list of ways to add a special touch to your nonprofit event this holiday season – or any season, really – to encourage folks to put on their Santa hats and get into the spirit of giving:

  1. Make it an experience. While all targeted audiences are different, everyone loves a carefully tailored experience. We can help with this by providing a class Santa Barbara Experience By the Boats at either of our restaurants – after all, there’s nothing like fresh seafood and a refreshing beverage to spark those giving feelings. Not to mention, our views overlooking the harbor and the shimmering hills beyond Santa Barbara sure don’t hurt!

  2. Provide a takeaway. We often see charity events offering “goodie bags” well before they roll out the auction tables with donated items such as t-shirts, frizbees, etc. Attendees are much more likely to give back when they feel as though they have already received something, especially if it is viewed as “free”. We can provide our VIP Certificates, good for one free appetizer at either restaurant, to be given out upon arrival or with event registration. The best part is, we are happy to provide these at no expense to your nonprofit!

  3. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. That is, don’t forget about your fabulous volunteers, without whom the event may not be possible! Many local nonprofits have celebrated post-event success with a group lunch, dinner or happy hour at our restaurants. We’ve also seen our gift certificates donated to a staff leader or team all-star, and we’re always happy to help this process go off without a hitch.

If you’re interested in enlisting our help either as a hosted venue or a prize provider, for your nonprofit event this holiday season, please feel free to reach out to us! We’re excited to support the wonderful work that our local nonprofits do in and around the community. Just remember, you can always find us by the boats at 113 Harbor Way, or by phone at (805) 564-1200.


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