NEW at Chuck’s Waterfront & Endless Summer: Fisherman’s Stew

When I was growing up years ago, my Dad and I would fish off the La Jolla Cove on Sunday mornings, chasin’ after yellowtail, halibut, bonita, mackerel, barracuda, and whatever else was swimmin' by. After a long day’s fishin’, we used to come home and fillet the fish we’d caught, and with the inevitable scrap left over, he’d make a killer soup kind of thing, best enjoyed with a tall cold one. Mine was a Coke until I got to be close to heading off to college. By then, I could join him with a Coor’s.

Our NEW Fisherman’s Stew is made in honor of those days. Made with fresh swordfish, salmon, halibut, & ahi, all straight from the Fisherman’s Market around the corner, our Fisherman’s Stew is served steaming hot in a bowl (or in a sourdough bread bowl–we never thought of that back then) & topped with parmesan cheese. Dad would have liked it with an Endless Summer Blonde–Ale, that is.

Fisherman’s Stew Bowl $14.99 in a Sourdough Bread Bowl $17.99

To borrow from the folks at that big soup company: Mmmm-mmmm Good!


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